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Error 10476

Honored Contributor II

In this code at the time of compilation a 10476 error shows up. The code is: 


-- convertidor BCD a 7 segmentos 

library ieee; 

use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; 


-- definicion de la entidad 


entity convertidor7 is 

port (A: in std_logic_vector (1 downto 0); 

B: in std_logic_vector (1 downto 0); 

C: in std_logic_vector (1 downto 0); 

D: in std_logic_vector (1 downto 0); 

adisplay,bdisplay,cdisplay,ddisplay,edisplay,fdisplay,gdisplay: out std_logic); 

end convertidor7; 


-- definicion de las señales de entrada / salida 


architecture bolean of convertidor7 is 

signal An,Bn,Cn,Dn,anda1_out,anda2_out,anda3_out,anda4_out,andb1_out,andb2_out,andb3_out,andb4_out, 




-- fin de definicion de las señales 

-- inicio de programa principal 




An <= not A(1); 

Bn <= not B(1); 

Cn <= not C(1); 

Dn <= not D(1); 


-- a 


anda1_out <= c and an; <=== this is the error 

anda2_out <= An and B and D; 

anda3_out <= Bn and Cn and Dn; 

anda4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 


adisplay <= anda1_out or anda2_out or anda3_out or anda4_out; 


-- b  


andb1_out <= An and Bn; 

andb2_out <= An and Cn and Dn; 

andb3_out <= An and C and D; 

andb4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 


bdisplay <=andb1_out or andb2_out or andb3_out or andb4_out; 


-- c 


andc1_out <= An and B; 

andc2_out <= An and D; 

andc3_out <= Bn and Cn and Dn; 

andc4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 


cdisplay <= andc1_out or andc2_out or andc3_out or andc4_out, 


-- d 


andd1_out <= An and C and Dn, 

andd2_out <= An and Bn and C; 

andd3_out <= Bn and Cn and Dn; 

andd4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 

andd5_out <= An and B and Cn and D; 


ddisplay <= andd1_out or andd2_out or andd3_out or andd4_out or andd5_out; 


-- e  


ande1_out <= An and C and Dn; 

ande2_out <= Bn and Cn and Dn; 


edisplay <= ande1_out or ande2_out; 


-- f 


andf1_out <= An and B and Cn; 

andf2_out <= An and Cn and Dn; 

andf3_out <= An and B and Dn; 

andf4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 


fdisplay <= andf1_out or andf2_out or andf3_out or andf4_out; 


-- g 


andg1_out <= An and C and Dn; 

andg2_out <= An and Bn and C; 

andg3_out <= An and B and Cn; 

andg4_out <= A and Bn and Cn; 


gdisplay <= andg1_out or andg2_out or andg3_out or andg4_out; 


end bolean;  


The error states: 


error (10476): vhdl error at bcd7seg.vhd(34): type of identifier "c" does not agree with its usage as "std_ulogic" type 



Could anybody help me? A do not see why  


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Honored Contributor II

C is a std_logic_vector and anda1_out, An are std_logic

Honored Contributor II

Thank you!

Honored Contributor II

Thank you very much!