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Error message during VWF Run Functional Simulation


I'm having an issue with VWF simulation that I'm trying to run. Every time I click on Run Functional Simulation, I get a window with no output. The compilation window prints a number of messages like “Can’t Find Port <port name> in design” and “Ignoring output pin <pin name> in vector source file when writing test bench files”.


I know that Intel says “Either remove the node from the Waveform Editor, or change the name, width, or direction of the port to match a similar port in the top level design.” but I'm not really sure what is causing this error to begin with. My bdf uses a number of LPM_DFF and an adder/subtractor that I've built using VDHL.


Does anyone have any suggestions to why I'm not getting any results form VWF?

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Can you post the entire log or at least the starting few lines of the error logs. This is where the error might be displayed. We can debug it further after you post the simulation log/transcript.


Thanks for the reply, I caught the error. It turns up I put my project files in the same folder as another project. Everything works now.