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Extraordinary long compilation time

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Hello all. 


I am compiling a relatively simple OpenCL kernel for computing SHA-1 hashes. I've optimized and got everything working under the emulator and began building an AOCX file. That was over 12 days ago. It appears to be making forward progress as 'quartus_fit' is still running 400% CPU usage and virtual memory usage is changing. 


My question is, how can I tell if it will ever finish? Is there some sort of quartus_fit progress log that I can look at? Does this seem like a normal amount of time to be compiling an OpenCL kernel? 


Thanks much.
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12 days is definitely not normal. Anything beyond 24 hours is not normal and likely a sign of routing congestion which means the kernel will likely never route. Based on your other thread, the fact that you have 32 GB of memory which is not enough for large Arria 10 designs, and are instead making up for it by using a large swap size, could also lead to such long compilation time. You can check the compilation folder and sort the files based on time and check the last report. is the fitting report, but it is not updated regularly. The content of all the reports is also reflected in the "quartus_sh_compile.log" file one after the other.