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Fast programmer && slow SignalTap: problem of quartus 10.0sp1 on ubuntu 10.04

Hello everyone, 

I just installed quartus 10.0sp1 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. And thanks to the installation tips given by ,  

it works fine after installation, and I think the Quartus Programmer works even a little bit faster in linux than in windows.  


Everything works fine except that SignalTap is quite slow, more specifically, "offloading acquired data" last so long that I can't stand it any more. In windows I just clicked the "run" icon and in less than a second the operations are done, while now I have to wait for more than ten seconds. 


I know that linux versions of Quartus are officially supposed to be run in RH or SUSE, but is there any workaround I can take to make SignalTap faster? Any reply would be of great help to me. Thanks!
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