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How to Create SignalTap II List File with console command?

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I am currently using SignalTap II to collect the execution trace of Nios II. Is there any way to export the aquisition results or to create the SignalTap II List File with console command rather than using GUI? 


Thanks a lot.
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To make it easier to poke around in help, run "quartus_sh --qhelp" at the operating system command line to get a GUI interface to command-line help. 


Select quartus_stp under "Command-Line Executables" in the "Help Topics" pane at the upper left. In the upper-right pane you will see the quartus_stp command-line options. I don't see anything here like what you want, but there is a "-t <script file>" argument for quartus_stp. 


The next question is what can be done in a Tcl script. Select "stp" under "Tcl API Packages" in the "Help Topics" pane. The "run" command has some options like "-data_log <data log>: Name of data log to be recorded". 


There might be Tcl packages other than "stp" that have something that would be helpful for what you want to do.
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Hi Brad, 


Thanks a lot for your help. 


I will try the data log to see if it helps.
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I have used the command line and a script to record a log file. you can open the stp file with a text editor and see the log, however i have trouble making sense of the data. data in the log file is not what you see if you open the stp file with the gui. i am confused...