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How to simulate the SDRAM IP core with modelSim?



I want to use the sdram chip of my DE2-115 Board (cyclone IV E) to store data. So, I created the sdram controller using the the sdram ip core of Altera in plattform designer. During the generation of hdl files in plattform designer, I checked the case to create the functional simulation model. Now I want to simulate it in modelsim but I don't know how to do that.


I tried to load the created .sip file in Assignment->Settings->EDA...->Simulation as testbench file but when I launched the RTL simulation I didn't see any waveforms on windows.


Thanks very much.

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Hi Sir,

For Cyclone IV E, I believe it is ALTMEMPHY controller that already obsolete.

For ALTMEMPHY, look like we only able to run the simulation using generated example design.

You may try to run the simulation using NativeLink method that described here: