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IEEE1735 and Ampcrypt/Amplic encryption tools




We are an IP provider that would like to support our customers who use Quartus.  I understand for Prime Pro users, we can encrypt our IPs using IEEE 1735 standard, but for those customers who only have Prime Standard, we need to use Ampcrypt/Amplic to encrypt our IPs?


To support both types of customers, I would like to request the Intel public key used for IEEE 1735, as well as to understand how I may use Ampcrypt/Amplic to encrypt our IPs.


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Quartus Prime Pro Edition supports both IEEE 1735 and Ampcrypt/amplic while Quartus Prime Standard Edition only supports Ampcrypt/Amplic encryption tool.

For Ampcrypt/Amplic, all customer will need to consult with their sales/marketing team and then the sales/marketing will need to contact the tool administer. This is for business understanding.

To request the Intel public key used for IEEE 1735 would require marketing approval. Please check your email for information required. 




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