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IP Generation error : invalid command name "upgrade_callback"

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I'm doing IP Generation on Quartus Prime Pro Edition 17.1, but I got the following error: 


invalid command name "upgrade_callback" qsys-generate failed with exit code 1: 1 Error, ...  


My ip (altera_fp_functions) was created in 17.1 beta, so my guess is that the new version of Quartus tries to auto-upgrade ip but somehow "upgrade_callback" is broken and upgrade failed. 

There is this warning, too. 

fp_functions_0: Used altera_fp_functions 17.1 (instead of 16.930)  


Unfortunately, the ip does not support "Auto Upgrade" as I see in "Upgrade IP Components" menu. I'm manually upgrading dozens of my ip :cry: 


Any solutions or workarounds here? 



figured out "ALTERA_FIXED-POINT_FUNCTIONS"-> "Intel FPGA Fixed Point Functions" conversion is not working well.
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