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Import VHDL package in (System)Verilog design



Here is my problem :


I have a package which is written in VHDL.

I would like to import it in my SystemVerilog design.


In Modelsim, I would simply compile the VHDL file with a special flag so it's compatible

=> vcom -mixedsvvh package.vhd

and then import it in my SystemVerilog file with

=> import package::*;

And everything works fine during the simulation.


In Quartus, I can't find any way to make the VHDL package compatible with my SV design.

When I try to compile in Quartus, I get the following error :


Error (10161): Verilog HDL error at object "package" is not declared. Verify the object name is correct. If the name is correct, declare the object.


  • My SV design is properly configured as a SystemVerilog file.


  • The name of my VHDL package is in lower case so it should not be a case problem.


It is exactly the same problem as described in this link from 3 years ago :


Thank you for any information that could help !



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Hi there, did you find any solution ?

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