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In Platform Designer can you make the slave connections of a PIO into external connection?


I write to various PIO in Platform Designer with system console, the PIO export their data out and are used elsewhere in my project, and I would like to be able to use the chip select of these PIO address to indicate to other parts of my system that these values have been updated but the only external connection I can make out of platform designer is the external connection conduit which only contains the PIO value.

Is there a way to export when a particular MM address has been written to?

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Hi Sean,

The PIO address or chipselect bus only use for internal Qsys system and cant be exported. Yes, the only external connection you can make out of platform designer is the external connection conduit signal. There is an IP core so called Avalon Memory Mapped Pipeline Bridge Intel FPGA IP. You can export a single Avalon memory mapped slave interface to control multiple Avalon memory mapped slave devices.

You can refer to link below link below for details (pg306)