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Intel Monitor Program works but porting code to DS-5 with debug errors?


I have several projects that have worked with the Intel Monitor Program and using the DE1-SoC Computer system. However, when I ported my code over to the Intel SoC Edition (DS-5), the code does not work. It's all in the compiler settings (ARM -5). I'm just trying to get up to speed using the DS-5, and I'm not sure why it does not implement the same system in the monitor program. I've followed the examples in the BAREMETAL development guide as well as the SoC Guide, but it doesn't explain everything needed. Even the rocketboards website does not provide all the information needed to bring up all the compiler settings nor does the DS-5 Guide explain these as well. I've implimented the DE1-SoC computer on the SD Card image, imported the SVD files, compiled the project, and the register maps does not respond to hardware events on the HPS side, nor the FPGA side. I can only get "Hello World" to work with ARM Compiler and using semihosting.

Can anyone relate to this problem?

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Intel Monitor Program uses different compiler and linker. Hence, its not a straightforward to migrate a design from it.

Please refer to this video to write and run a Bare metal C code on DS-5. This includes the setup of the tool.


Furthermore, you can refer to this video for debugging:




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