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Inter path competition


Inter path competition results in timing drop. So My question is :

If there is a BRAM with data_out signal. 

This data_out is fed to 10 modules . Just like below:

module_1(.data_in_1(data_out ))

module_2(.data_in_2(data_out ))

module_3(.data_in_3(data_out ))


module_10(.data_in_10(data_out ))

These paths were the critical paths and had high slack. 

So, I tired using assignment editor manual logic duplication, and assigned


to: data_in (of all the input modules)

value: random name

but I didnt see any improvement in timing and critical paths shown were still the same. How should I dupilcate this in order to eliminate inter path competition ?

I dont want to use multiple BRAMs.If I should duplicate the logic using code, How should I do it?Because If i register the output from BRAM before sending to multiple modules. That register will have more number of fanout. So dont we end up in the same problem? Please explain me in terms of small sample code.




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You may try to apply maximum fanout setting to the node. This Maximum Fan-Out attribute and logic option direct the Compiler to control the number of destinations that a node feeds. The Compiler duplicates a node and splits its fan-out until the individual fan-out of each copy falls below the maximum fan-out restriction. You can apply this option to a register or a logic cell buffer, or to a design entity that contains these elements.

You can set the Maximum Fan-Out logic option in the Intel Quartus Prime software. This option supports wildcard characters. You can also set the maxfan attribute in your HDL code, as shown in these examples (Table 27


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