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Is it possible to program an ekp file and an encrypted pof file to MAX10 FPGA with Quartus Prime Lite Edition Programmer?


I recognized that the Quartus Prime Lite Edition is not able to generate encrypted pof files. The required options are not present in the Quartus Software. As I read here (, generating encrypted pof files seems to require a licence file.

Is this also the case for just programming encrypted pof files or ekp files?

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Hi Michael,


Yes, to generate the .ekp file and encrypt the configuration data, the design security feature for Intel Quartus Prime Lite Edition need to enable and obtain a license file from Intel FPGA Technical Support.

Kindly refer below link for more information - Page 12


You can refer to previous forum thread below on the steps to request design security license in SSLC (Self Service Licensing Center)

Hope this could help you.

Thank you.


Thank you for your support. I managed to request a license file.


By this means I was able to answer the initial question:

After generating an encrypted pof and ekp file, I removed the license file again and was able to program the files.


Thus, it is possible to program encrypted pof and ekp files without a license file in Quartus Prime Lite Edition Programmer.