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Linux UBUNTU 18_04_2, Linux MINT 19.1 Quartus 18.1 Lite doesn't start

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Hi, after seeking a supported platform, I installed fresh new an Ubuntu 18.02 4 distro, after setting up all board setting and updating installation then I launched QUartus 18.1 lite setup.


Few minute after was installed. Clicking on Icon doesn't start, from CLI this error from library was shown:

quartus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Browsing forum this is a known old issue, is Quartus beta tested on supported platform?

Clearly Linux Mint 19.1 is based on Ubuntu 18.04: same scenario.


Linux Mint 17.3 has old libraries on or was cured long time ago ...


Why use old library when is no more supported on new distro?



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Hi Shyan, I posted solution with issue, I checked waht you proposed me but it is not same library, this post is solved at my side, was just a todo remainder.


Issue appear on fresh new Ubuntu 18_04 and formerly exactly same on Linux Mint 19.1:

download library

get .xz or .gz, follow screen on end of download page if in doubt.

unpack on a directory then cd to build install and link

  1. cd to where unpacked
  2. ./configure
  3. make
  4. sudo make install
  5. sudo ldconfig


After that Quartus start from icon without hassle, not sure about programmer and USB.



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