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Look Up Table of enum types -> declaration + usage -> how to?

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Hi All, 


I need to declare the following Look Up Table: 


.......C2 .. C1 .. C0 

L0....t0 ... t1 ... t2 

L1....t2 ... t1 ... t0 

L2....t1 ... t0 ... t2 


where t0, t1 and t2 are enum elements of the LUT. 


Each element of the LUT should be referenced by (L*,C*), which are also of enum type. 



LUT(C2,L0) should refer to t0 

LUT(C1,L1) should refer to t1 

LUT(C0,L2) should refer to t2 


So, how should I define this LUT? How should I refer the elements in the LUT? 


Thank you!
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