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MAX 10 SC and RAM blocks

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In our design some RAM blocks are being inferred from our VHDL (no altera IP is being used). 



When targeting the device 10M16SCU169A7G and trying to compile the following error occurs: 



Error (16021): You specified a configuration mode that includes memory initialization, however memory initialization is not supported by the selected device. In the Device and Pin Options dialog box, choose a configuration mode without memory initialization. 



After following the intructions and selecting "Single Image", we run into the next error in the assembler: 


Error (14703): Invalid internal configuration mode for design with memory initialization 



Doing some research points out to the issues with MAX 10 SC boards and memory initialization issues: 



I though this was only with ROM blocks, Is it possible the inferred RAM blocks also trigger the same issue?, or perhaps I am missing a setting? 



If this is in fact the issue, then is there any known workaround? 



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1. Can you provide your design so that we can replicate the issue? 

2. Which Quartus Edition & Version are you using? 

3. Please check with below link, 


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance. 


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Vikas Jathar  

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Thanks Vikas!# 3 did the trick.

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I will continue on this topic:

Why Quartus reports an Error (14703) and does not show the problematic file/line? I am using the same code on xilinx and intel FPGAs, and i am always having problem with this initialization with Quartus. I comment out all the ram initialization lines i found in my project ( signal mem : memory_type :=(others => (others => '0')); to signal mem : memory_type;) but i am still getting this error with no additional information and i cannot find another instance of initialized memory in my code.


So again:  Why Quartus reports an Error (14703) and does not show the problematic file/line? 

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