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MAX10 - Problem with booting NIOS from QSPI




I want to try Remote System Upgrade (RSU) acording AN741. I bought developement kit DE10-Lite from the Terrasic for this. Now I have a problem with internal FLASH memory for 10M50DAF484C7G. This memory is too small for this NIOS project. I decided that I add external QSPI memory (N25Q128A13ESF40F) and use boot configuration acording AN730 – boot option 4b using alt_load(). I followed the exact procedure acording AN730. Compilation of project, generating output files and programing QSPI is OK. But NIOS doesn’t boot after restarting. Do you have some idea what I am doing wrong? My project is in atachment. Project is consist of two project (Master_Image and Slave_image). All output files are in Master_Image/output_files. There are output file for flash loader (max10_qpfl.sof), output .pof for programing QSPI and MAX10. I use Quartus: 17.1.0 Build 590 10/25/2017 SJ Lite Edition, Patches Installed: None. Thank you for your answers.


V. Kotora

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After programming QSPI is have  programmed FPGA on-chip flash with Initial Image using JTAG?

For debugging kindly refer below case/thread with example attached.


However we have to first program the pfl.sof which will esablish bridge between fpga and qsip flash

and than download the <nios ii applicaion>.pof image to qspi flash.

than we can start programming internal flash with initial application image <application image>.pof