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Modelsim ASE how to maximize main window with tcl?

Honored Contributor II

Hi All. 


It's quite a strange question but ... if anybody could tell me how to make main window of Modelsim ASE 10.1d (Altera Quartus 13.0sp1) open maximized (I guess I should write some tcl commands to script mentioned (if uncommented) from modelsim.ini but what commands could I issue? Tk command wm is not supported as a Tk itself (in this version of Modelsim). 


e.g. script  

variable tk_ok 1 if {variable tk_ok 0} if {$tk_ok == 1} then { wm state . zoomed puts "Tk supported. Main window zoomed" } else { puts "No Tk supported" } 

produce "No Tk supported" output 


Regards, Anatoly.
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