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Modelsim License problem



Over the last months, I was using Modeslim Students edition as downloaded from the Mentor Graphics website. The software stopped working frequently where i had at each failure to re-install it and request accordingly a new license. I might be wrong, but i have noticed that the software fails to load my design as soon as i connect to the internet through a different network provider which happens often while using my laptop. I could not find a solution to this problem; that's why i am considering to install Modelsim which comes with Quartus...there are many versions there; i only need a light Modelsim version to learn VHDL; which version do you recommend? Does the standalone Quartus Modelsim need also a license? has anybody experienced the same problem as described at the start of my message?


Thank you


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  1. You can use the latest version 10.6C.
  2. Starter Edition not required license.

download ModelSim-Intel FPGA Edition (includes Starter Edition) and install.

Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.


Best Regards,

Anand Raj Shankar

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Afaik, the student edition of modelsim is not free or requires a licence.

The Web edition of modelsim from Intel is free and requires no licence. It is also mixed language.


The only issue is that it will be slower than licenced versions.


Hello Anand and Tricky

@Anand, I am installing the software starter edition; this version does not require a license. I expect the license has a fee and not free. I wonder if there is any limitation with this version compared to Modelsim Intel version

@Tricky: Mentor modelsim students edition license is free for 3 months but can be renewed.


Thank you



Since my OS is 64 bits, i had to install 2 packages to edit the files in modelsim as it seems it is a 32-bit software.

i tested a small program in vhdl, both compilation and simulaiton worked fine; so thank you. I installed only Modelsim not the rest of Quartus software as I Intend to use Modelsim as a standalone "generic" VHDL simulator


Please let me know if I am missing anything. Thank you