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Still trying to get a simulation running. 


This is for a Cyclone V, with an ARM and a NIOS CPU. 


I am getting two basic errors when I try to run the simulation, but they might be related. The first error that pops up is: 

# ** Error: (vsim-8388) Could not find the MVC shared library : MvcHome not specified. Please specify in modelsim.ini or on command line (-mvchome). 



I know how to set teh MvcHome variable: In the Modelsim.ini file I can add the line MvcHome = <path>. What I don't know is what the path is. 


Would this be something that was generated by Qsys and thus in a sub directory of my project? 

Would it be a library that was included in the Altera installation directory? 

Is it something that I need to obtain from a third party? 



The next errors I get are of this nature: 


** Error: (vsim-3033) Z:/Abaxis/RomuLus/FPGA_ARM_NIOS/Romulus_CPU_cores/simulation/submodules/Romulus_CPU_cores_nios2_qsys_0_cpu.vo(17862): Instantiation of 'oper_add' failed. The design unit was not found. 

# ** Error: (vsim-3033) Z:/Abaxis/RomuLus/FPGA_ARM_NIOS/Romulus_CPU_cores/simulation/submodules/Romulus_CPU_cores_nios2_qsys_0_cpu.vo(18166): Instantiation of 'oper_less_than' failed. The design unit was not found. 



If someone can tell me how to resolve these issues I would be greatly appreciative. 


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MvcHome path as follows. 

MvcHome = $QUARTUS_ROOTDIR/../ip/altera/mentor_vip_ae/common 



Try settings path from command line while launching Modelsim in case setting path from .ini doesn't work. 



For more details to can refer to user guide for Mentor VIP. 


Page 654/ 656 



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