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Object Detection Implementation CNN

Hi, everyone. 


Currently, I am doing research on CNN object detection implementation using opencl and fpga.  

But, i wonder is it any example code/library provided by Intel Altera? 


Thank you
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To my knowledge, there is none out at the moment by Intel/Altera however there is one in the works called Intel's "Deep Learning Accelerator Library for FPGAs" in which the underlying kernels are written in OpenCL and interface with DL tools such as TensorFlow and Caffe. I'm not sure if the OpenCL code will be freely available to view or rather just a library since I'd imagine they would rather have a program just use library calls from the DL tools without having to mess with the internals. 


There are projects on GitHub though which are community driven that aren't by Intel such as 

There are also reports done by the board vendors such as Nallatech for CNN ( but you'd have to contact them to see if they are willing to release this.