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OpenCL Library Example 1 - Running error

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I would like to use VHDL blocks developed with OpenCL and for this, I first followed the first example (, example 1. 



I followed all the steps described in the README.html but when I run the executable ("bin/host"), this one returns a "segmentation fault" without even launching the file. 


# elie@r423-2 (~/elie/tests_and_examples/exm_opencl_library_example1_x64_linux_16.1/library_example1): (11:12:12) -> ls bin device host Makefile README.html reprogram_temp.sof# elie@r423-2 (~/elie/tests_and_examples/exm_opencl_library_example1_x64_linux_16.1/library_example1): (11:24:02) -> bin/host Segmentation fault  


I have tried others examples and they executed successfully. 

I am targeting ReflexCES alaric Arria 10 board. 


Has anyone come across this error before? I welcome any suggestions. 


Thank you! 


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I received the same error. I commented out the part of the code that reads in the number or command line arguments and it seem to work fine.