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Platform Designer: Component Editor

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Hi all,

I am designing a QSYS/Platform Designer system which integrates a custom component.

Therefore, I am using the Component Editor feature.


My problem is that my component is "complex" as it is hierarchically composed more or less like this:

- top level (top_lib)

|- Intel IP

|- Custom submodule (top_lib)

| |- Custom submodules (sub_lib A)

| | |- Custom submodules (sub_lib B)

| | | |- Custom packages (sub_lib B)

and so on.

Please note that the module(s) are compilable with QuestaSim, so I do not think syntax errors are the problem.


I am unsure how to have Component Editor analyze this structure in the "Files" tab.

I tried to list all the related files, but I get errors "design library X does not contain primary design unit Y".

I also tried to put the list of files in a .qip file (the .qip file being both in the search path of the project's .ipx file and in the project's .qsf file), but if I understand correctly, this is going backwards as the .qip file is an output. Right?


I succesfully used Component Editor to generate components out of single HDL files, but I am not able to do so when several files are involved. Could anyone give me a hand?


Thank you very much.


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Yes .qip is an output file.  You would not list it there.

On the Files tab of Component Editor, add all the files that make up the component.  In the attributes column and below the files list, make sure the top-level entity of the design is defined.  Then just click the button to analyze the files.  Think of it as a mini project.  You have to have a top-level entity and all instantiations and connections must be correct.

Can you post the actual error messages you are getting?  Perhaps you have an incorrect instantiation somewhere.

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Hi thanks for answering.

I understand what you mean, I made sure to correctly set the top_level entity in Component Editor.

As for instantiation, the only guarantee I have about its correctness is that I am able to compile and simulate the module.


I am getting this kind of error:

Error: VHDL Use Clause error at helper_pkg.vhd(45): design library "common_types" does not contain primary unit "common_types" File: <PATH>/helper_pkg.vhd Line: 45

Said line 45: "use common_types.common_types.all;"

(I changed the name of the files and library to be on the safe side with my company; I apologize for the inconvenience)


This is the first out of all the errors of the same kind.  There are many such errors, but I think there is one for each instance of a sub-module/reference to a package.


On the other hand, I found a way to get my component to Platform Designer. I just copied and manually edited sections from another _hw.tcl file. I managed to compile the whole design by doing so. However, I'd still like to know the proper way.

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