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Platform Designer Output Mismatch in Simulation Generator


I just created my first Qsys file with my own component and wanted to simulate this design with my own testbench file (Quartus Prime Pro 18.1). When calling "com" in msim_setup.tcl, I get an error saying:

Could not find rdma_10.test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq.

When looking in the generated sim-file, I see this:

... end component test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq_cmp;   for rdma_0 : test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq_cmp use entity rdma_10.test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq; begin   rdma_0 : component test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq_cmp generic map ( IMAGE_MAX_WIDTH => 1024, IMAGE_MAX_HEIGHT => 1024, IMAGE_PITCH => 1024, BURST_BITS => 8 )

The same file, but in the synth-folder looks like this:

end component input_rdma_cmp;   for rdma_0 : input_rdma_cmp use entity rdma_10.input_rdma; begin   rdma_0 : component input_rdma_cmp generic map ( IMAGE_MAX_WIDTH => 1024, IMAGE_MAX_HEIGHT => 1024, IMAGE_PITCH => 1024, BURST_BITS => 8 )

TL;DR: Synthesis works, simulation doesn't. Simulation wants to use "rdma_10.test_rdma_0_rdma_10_fwzwsoq", but this isn't defined anywhere. It should be "rdma_10.input_rdma", like in the synthesis file.


Is there some kind of hidden feature or a bug?


Thanks in advance, Dominik

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Small update: Found a solution to the upper problem.


In the Component Editor one of my three files was marked with the attribute "Top-level file", but the "Top-level Module" field was grey. After clicking on "Analyze HDL files" the "Top-level Module" has been updated and the files have been generated correctly! I'd still say, that this is an undefined behaviour and a bug, but there seems to be a solution for this.

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It was an issue with v16.1 pro but it has been fixed in v17.1,


will conform with v18.1pro.


Best Regards

Vikas Jathar 

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