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Problem with incrementing Program Counter


Hello, I am a begginer VHDL coder and I am making a mips processor. My issue is that I can not seem to get my Program Counter (PC) to increment correctly. It should start with all 32 bits 0's and then add 4 to it at the start of every fetch operation ( I believe) so it should increment , x"00000000" to x"00000004" to x"00000008" and so on until it is reset. It seems with my current configuartion it loads 4 and then shifts it to the left so it may be an issue with my alu control. I will add my QAR file for the project and a picture of the datapath. The mips_tb should be the testbench that is used and you will need to add signals from the entities accordingly. Thanks

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I apologize that no one attended to your question. Do you have any outstanding question on this? Please reply if you do. Otherwise I will proceed to set this thread to close.

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