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[QSF] sourcing a tcl file actually copy its context inside to QSF. Why?

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Hi All,  



I want to list the Project RTL files in the separate TCL file and then source it from QSF.  



Here is an example of my TCL file: 

set RTL_DIR "D:/units/bit/rtl" set_global_assignment -library bit_mgr -name QIP_FILE ${RTL_DIR}/fifo/fifo_flr/fifo_flr.qip set_global_assignment -library bit_mgr -name VHDL_FILE ${RTL_DIR}/pkgs/func/f_and2.vhd set_global_assignment -library bit_mgr -name VHDL_FILE ${RTL_DIR}/pkgs/func/f_int.vhd ... 


Here is how I source this file inside of QSF: 

source rtl_files.tcl 


But, instead just sourcing this tcl file, Quartus actually copy its contents to QSF. Why?  


How can I make Quartus to source the tcl file rather than to copy its contents into QSF? 



Thank you!
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