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Qsys 15.1 IP porting Problem

Hi y'all, 


MAX 10M08SAE144 device... 


I have a Qsys component that was written for ver 11 and it seems to be giving me some severe grief. It is, supposed to be an I2C master. The first issue I had was that I could not use multiple export signal types. I got around this by adding a new conduit interface and giving them unique signal types, It then all compiles correctly and all is good until I try to run my NIOS firmware. Nothing appears on the I2C bus, The I2C signals are connected to bidir pins on the device and external pull ups are in place. 


I have had a search on here for a solution the nearest being 


The file uploader appears not to be working so: I shall have to paste my tcl and vhd files here: 

# TCL File Generated by Component Editor 15.1# Sun Oct 16 12:48:51 BST 2016# DO NOT MODIFY 


# # I2CMaster "I2CMaster" v1.0# 2016.10.16.12:48:51# I2CMaster# # # request TCL package from ACDS 15.1#  

package require -exact qsys 15.1 

# # module I2CMaster#  

set_module_property DESCRIPTION I2CMaster 

set_module_property NAME I2CMaster 

set_module_property VERSION 1.0 

set_module_property INTERNAL false 

set_module_property OPAQUE_ADDRESS_MAP true 

set_module_property AUTHOR "" 

set_module_property DISPLAY_NAME I2CMaster 

set_module_property INSTANTIATE_IN_SYSTEM_MODULE true 

set_module_property EDITABLE true 

set_module_property REPORT_TO_TALKBACK false 

set_module_property ALLOW_GREYBOX_GENERATION false 

set_module_property REPORT_HIERARCHY false 

# # file sets#  


set_fileset_property QUARTUS_SYNTH TOP_LEVEL I2CMaster 



add_fileset_file I2CMaster.vhdl VHDL PATH IP/I2CMaster/I2CMaster.vhdl TOP_LEVEL_FILE 

# # parameters#  

add_parameter CLOCK_RATE INTEGER 100000000 

set_parameter_property CLOCK_RATE DEFAULT_VALUE 100000000 

set_parameter_property CLOCK_RATE DISPLAY_NAME CLOCK_RATE 

set_parameter_property CLOCK_RATE TYPE INTEGER 

set_parameter_property CLOCK_RATE UNITS None 

set_parameter_property CLOCK_RATE HDL_PARAMETER true 

add_parameter I2C_CLOCK_RATE INTEGER 100000 

set_parameter_property I2C_CLOCK_RATE DEFAULT_VALUE 100000 

set_parameter_property I2C_CLOCK_RATE DISPLAY_NAME I2C_CLOCK_RATE 

set_parameter_property I2C_CLOCK_RATE TYPE INTEGER 

set_parameter_property I2C_CLOCK_RATE UNITS None 

set_parameter_property I2C_CLOCK_RATE HDL_PARAMETER true 

# # display items#  

# # connection point clock#  

add_interface clock clock end 

set_interface_property clock clockRate 0 

set_interface_property clock ENABLED true 

set_interface_property clock EXPORT_OF "" 

set_interface_property clock PORT_NAME_MAP "" 

set_interface_property clock CMSIS_SVD_VARIABLES "" 

set_interface_property clock SVD_ADDRESS_GROUP "" 

add_interface_port clock clk clk Input 1 

# # connection point reset#  

add_interface reset reset end 

set_interface_property reset associatedClock clock 

set_interface_property reset synchronousEdges DEASSERT 

set_interface_property reset ENABLED true 

set_interface_property reset EXPORT_OF "" 

set_interface_property reset PORT_NAME_MAP "" 

set_interface_property reset CMSIS_SVD_VARIABLES "" 

set_interface_property reset SVD_ADDRESS_GROUP "" 

add_interface_port reset reset reset Input 1 

# # connection point avalon_slave_0#  

add_interface avalon_slave_0 avalon end 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 addressUnits WORDS 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 associatedClock clock 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 associatedReset reset 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 bitsPerSymbol 8 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 burstOnBurstBoundariesOnly false 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 burstcountUnits WORDS 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 explicitAddressSpan 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 holdTime 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 linewrapBursts false 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 maximumPendingReadTransactions 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 maximumPendingWriteTransactions 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 readLatency 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 readWaitTime 1 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 setupTime 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 timingUnits Cycles 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 writeWaitTime 0 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 ENABLED true 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 EXPORT_OF "" 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 PORT_NAME_MAP "" 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 CMSIS_SVD_VARIABLES "" 

set_interface_property avalon_slave_0 SVD_ADDRESS_GROUP "" 

add_interface_port avalon_slave_0 address address Input 1 

add_interface_port avalon_slave_0 writedata writedata Input 32 

add_interface_port avalon_slave_0 readdata readdata Output 32 

add_interface_port avalon_slave_0 write write Input 1 

add_interface_port avalon_slave_0 read read Input 1 

set_interface_assignment avalon_slave_0 embeddedsw.configuration.isFlash 0 

set_interface_assignment avalon_slave_0 embeddedsw.configuration.isMemoryDevice 0 

set_interface_assignment avalon_slave_0 embeddedsw.configuration.isNonVolatileStorage 0 

set_interface_assignment avalon_slave_0 embeddedsw.configuration.isPrintableDevice 0 

# # connection point I2C#  

add_interface I2C conduit end 

set_interface_property I2C associatedClock clock 

set_interface_property I2C associatedReset "" 

set_interface_property I2C ENABLED true 

set_interface_property I2C EXPORT_OF "" 

set_interface_property I2C PORT_NAME_MAP "" 

set_interface_property I2C CMSIS_SVD_VARIABLES "" 

set_interface_property I2C SVD_ADDRESS_GROUP "" 

add_interface_port I2C SDA sda Bidir 1 

add_interface_port I2C SCL scl Bidir 1 





Thank you for any advice. 


BTW I think there something wrong with this page and possibly IE as it keeps missing typed characters.!!!
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