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Qsys Custom Component Files Overwritten

I have a number of Qsys custom components used in a Qsys system. Some share the same filenames (but for different source files). The result is that when they are copied to the Qsys synthesis/submodules folder, they overwrite each other. 


Does anyone know if it is a requirement that all IP source filenames are unique (which feels dangerous to me) or is there a way to structure the build so either the filenames are manipulated to be different or sub-directories are created in the synthesis/submodules directory? 


I've done numerous searches and have gone through the Quartus Handboook and I can't find either a stipulation that filenames have to be unique or a solution to the problem. 


Many thanks 

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Files with the same name must be in different locations. You can point to different locations for your IP using the options in the Tools menu (I believe, I don't have it open right now). There you can set the IP search paths you want for storing your HDL code and associated _hw.tcl files.