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Qsys generated msim_setup.tcl missing some files


Hello, I am trying to simulate a qsys component, so I generated simulation files from Qsys. I am trying to compile the generated msim_setup.tcl file, but I get errors for a few .v files:

"Instantiation of <filename> failed. The design unit was not found. "

The missing files are modules that get instantiated within other modules which are added as a component to the qsys system. I am not completely familiar with tcl files but looking at the contents of msim_setup.tcl, it looks like it somehow just missed to include those files only. Would anyone know why? All the .v files have been synthesized and I think it's an error associated with ModelSim or the simulation files and not necessarily an issue with the .v files themselves.

Would I be able to just add inside the msim_setup.tcl file like

eval vlog $USER_DEFINED_VERILOG_COMPILE_OPTIONS $USER_DEFINED_COMPILE_OPTIONS "file directory/filename.v" ? If I do, would I also need to create compilation libraries for those files? Would I run into issues for editing msim_setup.tcl since it's an auto-generated file?

Thank you so much!

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Sanity check: so you're running this Tcl script in ModelSim, not Platform Designer, correct?  The script is generated by Platform Designer (not called Qsys anymore) to be run in ModelSim to simulate test bench systems generated by Platform Designer.

If you're running it correctly, it doesn't make sense that the generated file would throw this type of error.  Make sure in ModelSim that you've used the Change Directory option to point to the location of the msim_setup.tcl file.

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Hi Kota,

Assuming there is no issue with your custom component, I suggest you to refer to link below, it shows the correct and necessary step to simulate IP within Quartus.



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