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Quartus Prime Pro becomes unresponsive


If I right click a file in the project navigator and select properties.  Quartus freezes and never responds again.  Task manager indicates little / no activities but no further button clicks are processed within Quartus.  This is for version 19.3 running in windows 10 pro 64-bit.

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Hi Stephen,

Is this your first time encounter this kind of issue or suddenly happen? If you did the same things on other projects, does it produces same behavior? Could you provide Quartus report?

Noted: Make sure machine meet requirement for Quartus and device used.



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I have not used Quartus software for a long time, all my recent projects have been either Xilinx or Microsemi based,  so I must say it's a bit of a learning curve and so far it's not gone well.

My existing code base make use of libraries of components that I frequently use, as such when I add a file to a project I need to specify which library to compile it into.  I have tried to do this in several ways.

1. new project wizard, add file, specify names of libraries (using button), select file, click properties button.  Nothing happens and Quartus stops responding to an further button presses.

2. As above but don't assign files to libraries,  once the project is setup, select the files in project navigator, right click and properties.  gives the same response nothing happens but Quartus stops responding to an further button clicks.

Task manager shows very little CPU activity and I have tried leaving it for over an hour but the only way to terminate it is to use task manager to end the process.  

The machine is a I7-6700K with 32GB of ram, running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

I am not sure what report you would like or how I would generate one.  Quartus becomes unresponsive but does not produce an error messages.

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