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Quartus Programmer error log

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Hi folks, 


I am wondering if there is a Quartus Programmer error log. I am trying to progam a design into the flash memory of my FPGA (Cyclone V) (by combining and the manual of the Terasic SoCKit) such that it will load this design during power-up. However, the programmer only provides me with "%0 (Failed)" and there don't appear any messages in the System log/messages of Quartus. I have been searching the web for some time now but have not yet found a solution. Is there somewhere a log (file) or something similar that provides with somewhat more useful messages/errors/information than "0% (Failed)"? 





edit: I noticed I posted this thread in the wrong forum (it was already Friday 6pm local time when I posted it :P). My sincere apologize. I would very much appreciate it if an admin/moderator could move this topic to the right forum ("Quartus II and EDA Tools Discussion"), please. Thanks in advance :)
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There is a message log in the Quartus that should be showing the programming process. Refer to the screens shot. 

Which TerasicSOC kit are you using? You should provide a screen show showing the Quartus message log during the programming process.  




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Dear nyusof, 


Thank you very much for your reply. I am quite sure I checked the Quartus System log and didn't found any new messages. However when I try it again know, there is indeed an error message within the system log. Maybe I was looking at the wrong instance of Quartus or I am just somewhat stupid :P Thanks for the help, now I can continue debugging :) 


Kind regards,