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Signal Tap: Group the signals with different Clocks (trigger clocks) in a single Quartus project

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I have 2 different Transceiver channels and 2 different user data logic corresponding to each transceiver. I want to monitor the user data logic of all the 2 Transceiver channels using signal tap. But, each user logic will have different clock domains (tx& RX user clocks) . Also, I am aware of only one signaltap (.stp) file can be added in a quartus project at a time.

So, my question is whether there is a way I can add different user logic signals with corresponding trigger clock to .stp file?


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Right-click in the instance manager and create another instance of Signal Tap. You can set a unique sampling clock and node list for each instance. To start running multiple instances simultaneously, shift or control-click the multiple instances before clicking Run.



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