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SignalTap Program device to continue

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1st post, treat me gentle. I searched the forum and did not find an answer to my problem. I have an infrequent failure that locks up my design. Yesterday the test guy was running and had the failure, I hooked up the bitblaster to the card, opened up the project in quartus, opened up signal tap and I get the "program device to continue" message. That would clear my failure, no can do. I export the stp file, close quartus, then open the stp file, same deal. I have never used signaltap when I was not configuring with jtag, now I am configuring from flash on the PWB. What do I need to do to make this work. (why can I not use carriage returns in this post?:confused: PC windows 7) CarlBoyd

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More info 

(Hey carriage returns are working now, I wonder what I did wrong yesterday) 

I did the build in a batch run on Linux. 

I then opened the project on a PC with a bridge to the Linux file server. 

I then opened Signaltap and experienced the problems above. 


Any ideas? 

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Hello Carl.

I have encountered similar obstacle. I want to signaltap after FPGA is reconfigured from flash (with the SAME binary image - i have triple checked this).

But signaltap complains:

Invalid JTAG Configuration / Error (261005): Can't find the instance. Download a design with SRAM Object File containing this instance.

Does signaltap require single JTAG session for programming and debugging?

I know it has been long time but if you found solution please share :)

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