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The generic of entity is not found, Warning Code: (vsim-8713)

Hello Folks: 


I'm a newbie on VHDL as well as Quartus II.  

In the practice, I trying to build a module which controls LED blinking frequency by generic input from upper entity.  

However, it looks like the generic value can not actually be passed into the target instance.  

When I inspect the command log there's a warning message show:  


But I'm pretty sure the entity has generic part, which confused my for almost a week.  

And later I go to check *.vho file that generated by Quartus II after compilation, the generic part is missing.  


So far I have no any idea to handle this problem, is there experienced coder can help me? Deeply appreciated.  


The source code and testbench of my project are: 



library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all; --Entity declaration entity led_blink is generic ( i_ClkDiv : integer :=10 ); port ( i_Clk : in std_logic; -- reference clock for LED i_Enable : in std_logic; -- 1= enable LED i_nRST : in std_logic; -- reset signal, active low o_LedDrive : out std_logic -- signal line to control LED ); end led_blink; --Architecture architecture arc_led of led_blink is --These signals will be counters signal loop_cnt : natural; -- These signals will toggle at the frequencies needed signal led_signal : std_logic := '0'; begin MainProcess: process(i_Clk) is begin if rising_edge(i_Clk) then if loop_cnt = i_ClkDiv-1 then -- -1, since counter starts at 0 led_signal <= not led_signal; loop_cnt <= 0; else loop_cnt <= loop_cnt + 1; end if; end if; end process MainProcess; -- Only allow o_LedDrive to drive when i_Enable is high (and gate). o_LedDrive <= led_signal and i_Enable; end arc_led;  



library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all; entity tb_led_blink is end tb_led_blink; architecture behave of tb_led_blink is -- 48 MHz = 20.833 nanoseconds period constant c_CLOCK_PERIOD : time := 100 ns; signal r_CLOCK : std_logic := '0'; -- reference clock for LED signal r_ENABLE : std_logic := '1'; -- 1= enable LED signal r_NRST : std_logic := '1'; -- reset signal signal r_ClkDiv : integer := 2; signal w_LED_DRIVE : std_logic; -- Component declaration for the Unit Under Test (UUT) component led_blink is generic ( i_ClkDiv : integer :=10 ); port ( i_Clk : in std_logic; i_Enable : in std_logic; i_nRST : in std_logic; o_LedDrive : out std_logic ); end component led_blink; begin -- Instantiate the Unit Under Test (UUT) UUT : led_blink generic map ( i_ClkDiv =>5 ) port map ( i_Clk => r_CLOCK, i_Enable => r_ENABLE, i_nRST => r_NRST, o_LedDrive => w_LED_DRIVE ); --Process to generate clock p_CLK_GEN : process is begin wait for c_CLOCK_PERIOD/2; r_CLOCK <= not r_CLOCK; end process p_CLK_GEN; end behave;
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vho not containing generic is no surprise to me. try use vhd of your entity. I never used vho for simulation