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Unable to connect to USB Blaster after DS-5 debugger is closed


I am experiencing a strange issue with Quartus/SoCEDS 18.1.


My USB Blaster is working correctly, I can program the FPGA and use it to debug my baremetal software with DS-5. I can even do both in parallel (downloading the FPGA firmware while debugging the software and vice-versa).


So I guess that the JTAG server is working fine.


However, if I exit from a debug session in DS-5 (right click on the active debug configuration and select "Disconnect from Target"), the USB Blaster is not recognized anymore (jtagconfig says "No JTAG hardware available") and the only thing I can do is uninstall the USB Blaster, uninstall the JTAG server, reboot the PC and reinstall both the USB Blaster drivers and JTAG server. Rebooting the PC is mandatory, otherwise only uninstall and reinstall doesn't work.


As you understand this is quite annoying.

What is going on?

How can I solve this?

Is it a problem with DS-5 or with Quartus?


Another thing that I noticed is that (when it works) the USB Blaster is not listed anymore as USB-0 but instead as USB-2.


Thanks for your help

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