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compile intel libraries for modelsim stand alone


I am trying to simulate a synthesized netlist in modelsim standalone. The file is synthesized from infered memory and uses M20K rams. The file ​in addition to the ieee libraries declares:

library twentynm;

 use twentynm.twentynm_components.all;

library altera;

 use altera.altera_primitives_components.all;


I created both libraries and compiled eda/sim_lib/twentynm_components.vhd   and

eda/sim_lib/twentynm_atoms. vhd to twentynm.

and compiled

eda/sim_lib/altera_primitives.vhd   and

eda/sim_lib/altera_primitives_components.vhd  to altera.


upon further compiling I realized that som of those file required an additional library, altera_lnsim, which I created and comiled

eda/sim_lib/altera_lnsim_components.vhd  to it.


All libraries compiled successfully without errors or warnings and I can see the compiled design units in their respective libraries. Further more I can compile my DUT file in the project without errors.   BUT!!............


when I start the sim, while the design is loading I get warnings when the synthesized netlist tries to load complaing about :


Component instance "inst : generic_m20k" is not bound


Upon further inspection of one of the library files that I compiled,

eda/sim_lib/twentynm_atoms. vhd I that noticed that it contains a package at the top of the file and many entity/architect constructs too. And these constructs all have a use clause :


use work.twentynm_atom_pack.all;


In this is where the generic_m20k is instanced.



How can it be looking for twentynm_atom_pack in library work????


this is my issue. unless someone can point me to what I'm doing wrong.






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To run the simulation, you have to add library model for that specific family device, ie twentynm library for your case. Find and include necessary precompiled libraries for modelsim in here /quartus/eda/sim_lib/ . My advice is to use nativelink flow to set up the simulation environment for your project. It has self-generated script and is more easier way than manually adding those libraries. Refer to link to understand its flow.

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Thanks for the info. I had created and compiled all the libraries manually. Did not know about the native link flow. Anyway I did create all the libraries correctly but my issue turned out to be a missing –L altera_lnsim in my vsim command. Next time I’ll have the tools do the heavy lifting for me.
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