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Unable to execute Hello World in Quartus Web edition

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Hello Friends,  


I am struggling to execute "Hello world" :confused: :cry:.  


Once i programmed my .sof file to the QuartusII programmer , and the following message pops up that chain.cdf is modified, Do you want changes to be saved. 


Then second issue: ".elf" file is unable to detect or add. .ELF file is missing in NIOS.  


Please help me
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.cdf stores Altera device programming information. You can use a Chain Description Files (.cdf) to program or configure a single device or one or more devices in a JTAG chain. 

You can save it with different name or replace with existing one. 

For more information refer below link. 


Are you getting ELF error during build project or run as nios ll hardware? can you attach clear image or error text. 


or delete the software folder and recreate it. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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