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Unable to program de1 soc device, compilation fine with no errors

This is the simplest design I could think of, something to light up the LEDs. Compilation runs fine with no errors and few warnings. 


When I try to program the device in the Programmer window this is the sequence of actions I perform. 


1. Since nothing shows up initially I select "Auto Detect" 

2. Select device which 5CSEMA5 

3. I select 5CSEMA5, right click and add the .sof file 

4. At that point I have 3 items in the TDI/TDO chain SOCVHPS, 5CSEMA5 and 5CSEMA5F31. 

5. Running "Start" instantly changes the progress to failed 


I have tried to remove the either or both of the SOCVHPS/5CSEMA5 items from the chain and then programming it. This has not helped at all. 


I can not view what error causes the progress bar to fail.
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