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Using TCL (or other Script) file in Quartus to automate module/circuit creation

I have various simple modules (Verilog) written and included in my Quartus project file. 



Lets say each such module receives a 8 bit input, increments the value and outputs the new value. 



Depending on my requirement I may want to use as many as n instances of such module. Is it possible to using scripts where in user may input the value of n.  



My example is very simplistic to make the problem statement clearer. My end result is to have a Simple Wireless sensor network with n nodes. I may simulate the network characteristics using various values of user defined n. My hardware is Altera Cyclone4GX. 


My question is, is it possible. If yes, Could anyone show me the direction please as reading the TCL reference manual didnt help me much.
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You can create a top level verilog file with the Parameter N, and then set the parameter from project settings.  

If you're only interested in simulation at the moment, you can set the parameter when you run the simulation in modelsim using the -g option from the command line: 


vsim my_design -gN=8
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