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Why was WDF support dropped in Quartus



This is an old subject, but this unanswered question has been bogging me since the introduction of Quartus: 


Does anyone know why Altera dropped support for WDF (waveform design files) in Quartus?  


The WDF was a handy and very visual self-documenting tool in MaxPlus. Used it a lot in state machince designs. Converting MaxPlus projects to Quartus, and converting small WDF files to VHDL is fairly easy, but the bigger ones need some extra effort and converting is an error-prone process. Has someone written an automatic WDF to VHDL converter tool?  


It should not have been too complicated for Altera to keep the WDF support also in Quartus. Any comments from any Altera insider? Am I the only one that is missing the WDF functionality in Quartus? 


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Hi Christian, 

The feedback that Altera received from our customer base indicated that the WDF format was not being used, or considered for use in new projects. As such this was considered a low priority and was not added to the Quartus software. 


Quartus II v7.2, which will be released in the next few weeks, includes a state diagram entry tool.  

This does not support WDF files, thus will not resolve the migration of these designs to Quartus, but it does provide a great self-documenting interface for the generation of HDL for state machines. 


- Phil
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