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first time setup

Hello, Ive never setup a license server before and after reading the documentation it leaves me with more questions then answers. I have generated a floating license .dat file through the license manager service portal, I know which server I want to host it on and have that information inputted in the license file. However, How do I now host the license? The documentation references flexlm, and I found that download under additional software. It also says to use local files from a machine that is running quartus and has the -lmgrd, -lmutil, -alterad, -lmtools, files. Does it matter if its a machine that isnt going to run or receive the floating license? do I download a version of Quartus on my server and then run the Flexlm program? The documentation talks about putting the license manager on another server. I just want to get it on this server and hosted, and then out to a user as soon as possible.
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I havent gotten any follow up on this from any techs but so far heres what Ive stumbled through.

I downloaded Quartus Pro version 22.1 from the multiple versions tab on my Server, the place I'm actually trying to host the license from.  I grabbed the download "Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software (Device support not included)"  the 28GB version. 

I made sure that it had the flexlm License server software included, as Im pretty sure that thats what I primarily needed in order to host the license. I got through most of it and against the documentation the lmtools was not in bin64, is was in another folder that came with the stripped down Quartus Prime software, more on that in a minute. 

Downloaded the software, put my license file in C:\flexlm\"license-file" as suggested by the PDF. Found all the parts for alterad and mgcld. Typed as I have it right now and in case I am wrong, minus port #'s:

VENDOR alterad C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\alterad.exe port=####
VENDOR mgcld C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\mgcld.exe port=####


I went in to the firewall and set up the three ports I would need for this based on each of the port numbers for the license file

Then, Based on the documentation I pulled up the CMD and ran the lmgrd - c \path to license.dat

which did run what I had set and I did see that it was trying to run the ports but from the three cmd screens it doesnt look like it worked. 
reading farther through the document I was able to find a command that turned those services off and found the section that talks about LMtools. 
I started working on that based on a video of Quartus 2 setups from 6 years ago that hasnt been refreshed to shed much light on a better way to do things or that really is any better then the existing .PDF documentation. 
LMtools issue, in the .pdf documentation the lmtools executable was supposed to be in bin64 with everything else. It was not, I moved higher up the folder tree and then searched for it and found it in the folder, C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\questa_fe\win64.
I moved that executable to bin64. Does that cause an issue? Should there have been an executable of LMtools in Bin64?

I have the config services tab settings in based on what I can tell from the video, and am now stuck on when I run it the log file gives me an error saying:
LMTools Error
Error opening log file: C\ProgramData\FLEXlm\lmgrd\debug.log
Error #:-1

From what I can find I have to change the permissions on the log file location to something that I am in control of. I changed the permissions from Administrators to domain admins, and I have tried testing lmtools running in admin mode however it still generates the same error. 

So my initial questions still stand now with additional ones, Have I installed too much to host the license from the intel license manager portal, Quartus pro, rather then the singular download for the flexlm server license manager?
Is there some better First Time Documentation that goes through the process of setting up a license server for a floating license?
IF I am on the right track, any help and feedback moving forward would be much appreciated. 

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Welcome to INTEL forum. We apologize for the difficulty happens. To better understanding, could you provide.

1) Error message screen shot

2) Screenshot of Quartus II>>tools>>license setup

3) Machine OS information

4) Quartus version used

5) Output of “lmutil lmstat –a –c <port>@<address>” server and client

6) License.dat file

 And the document/video of Quartus 2 setups link that you refer to.


For privacy, reply/attach file in private message.

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Hello AR_A_Intel, 

1) Error message screen shot



2) Screenshot of Quartus II>>tools>>license setup

Im not sure I am using Quartus II, I have as far as I know only downloaded  Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software (Device support not included), to run the license server portion on my server, Should I be using Quartus II?
Here is what I have from what Ive done so far however, 



3) Machine OS information

The Server I am working in is a hosted server in VMWare, its a 2019 Windows server Standard edition.

4) Quartus version used

The version of Quartus that the end user is on is 20.1, the version that I was trying to work with to set up license hosting is Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software (Device support not included) version 22.1

5) Output of “lmutil lmstat –a –c <port>@<address>” server and client

This most likely is not working because the services arent setup properly and I keep getting the earlier error. However, this is what I got back from running these commands. 

lmutil lmstat output.PNG

6) License.dat file

I changed the file to a text file but it doesnt seem to want to stick to the document. Is it possible to send it to you directly?

 And the document/video of Quartus 2 setups link that you refer to.

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Thanks for update. Could you reconfirm back the license manager server setup? First you need to get the server up, refer to 4.5. Configuring the License Manager Server link

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I downloaded the Software for Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition Software V22.1, I downloaded one of the versions from multiple downloads that was lighter then the complete program, which also included the FlexLM License Server Software Module. 
So, instead of having to create the directory that the software normally sits in, I have the directory. 




except lmtools, which was from a different directory than what is suggested by the documentation. 

I had to move lmtools from C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\questa_fe\win64, to C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64

So, if I followed the instructions that I could tell correctly, I made a folder for the license.dat file C:\flexlm\license.dat

then I changed the lines in the license file 

SERVER "servername" "nicID" port#

Vendor alterad C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\alterad.exe port=port#

Vendor mgcld C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\mgcld.exe port=Port#


Then, because I downloaded Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition Software, I followed the commands given by the documentation I sent yesterday, only I dont think I needed to update the alterad or lmgrd daemons, 
I think I only entered the command prompt line C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\lmgrd -c C:\flexlm\license.dat
this ran, and launched two windows one for mgcld and one for alterad. 
I then went and found the C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\lmutil lmdown -c C:\flexlm\license.dat which I believe then turned them both off. 

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After I stopped them, I went to the next section of the PDF that I was using. 
I tried using the lmtools executable. 
When I tried to type in LM tools in CMD and using the C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\lmtools.exe, it told me there was an error and that it was not found. 

Which is then when I went to look for the lmtools and found it in C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\questa_fe\win64, rather then to suggested C:\intelFPGA_pro\22.1\quartus\bin64\, location according to the documentation. 
I copied the lmtool.exe to the bin64 location and then ran the tool. 

and started trying to follow the directions, the configuration using services is blank right now however. 

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Also some useful link, idea and visual setting up the floating license server.

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I was able to get things finished and setup with a second pair of eyes from a coworker. 


For those looking to setup a floating license hosted on a server (windows), my experience.

Buy your license of Quartus Prime Pro, get your license file and create your account with Intel to log in to the Intel FPGA Self-Service Licensing Center. 

Select your license and apply the hardware data for where you are going to have the license hosted. In this case I used the NIC of the server and the servers name. This was set as my primary computer. Then make sure that you set the dropdown option to "float".

Once you have entered the information into the text fields, create the license file. It should allow you to download a license.dat file with an L-####### style name. you can either do this while on your server location or you can move the generated file to the server.

once the license is on the server, 

Download the desired version of Quartus, I used Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition Software V22.1, Note, that you do not have to use the full software package. If you go to the multiple downloads tab you can find a slimmer version of the program. Make sure that it says it has Flexlm License Server Software included. 

download the program, unzip the .tar file and then either in cmd/powershell/ or by right click and run as admin, run the .bat file. This may take a while depending on the version of the software that you select. 

I suggest installing the paired down version of the program because it makes the directories for you and you dont have to hunt for the components as much when you read the Intel documentation. (they ask you to move certain executables from a local machine already running the software)

If that is still too much, you can also download just the Flexlm License Server Software and then run the executable that way. I think its still missing one of the four pieces suggested to have/use by Intel. 

during the installation process of the Quartus program, go to your license file and change the,
SERVER line information to "your server name" "default should be the NIC ID" "your chosen port#"
Vendor alterad "Path to daemon executable" port=####          In my case it was the bin64 file location, \alterad.exe port=####
Vendor Mgcld "Path to daemon executable" port=####            In my case it was the bin64 file location, \mgcld.exe port=#### 

In order to do the two vendor lines you'll have to wait for the Quartus software to finish loading, OR, get the executable from a machine already running Quartus AND then you will have to create the file path folders to mimic the file path from the local machine. 
IE, "DriveLetter:\intelFPGA\##.#\.....\bin64\alterad.exe" and of course place the executables in that final bin64 location.

In the documentation it stated that you grab the:
- lmgrd.exe

- lmutil.exe

- alterad.exe

- lmtools.exe

and because you need the variable for mgcld for your license file

- mgcld.exe 


While waiting to load or after you have created the file path for the software, you will also need to pick three ports on your server, and allow those ports through the firewall both inbound and outbound. Name them something you can remember or relate to the software\service.

Once the software has loaded or you've copied the components necessary to the file location you've created.

originally I had my license file in a folder called flexlm, from the intel instructions. The file path was "Drive:\flexlm\License.dat"

In the cmd I ran the command instructed by Intel 
<installation or user created file path>\bin64\lmgrd -c \path\to\license.dat
this should give you an output that tells you if your license and a server service has been started. 
Now, so long as you have downloaded or moved the lmtools executable, you can bring up lmtools. 

leave it on the default which should be configuration using service, the box was blank at first when I ran it, navigate the tabs to "config services"

set your Service name as desired, then set your paths to lmgrd and the license file in the boxes. 
In the flexlm folder you created, create another file called logs, and make that your debug log path. 
select the boxes that say "start server at power up" and "use services" then save and run. 
If all has gone well, a user with an installed version of quartus should be able to go in to the license setup tab or open quartus and tell it you have a license file. 
in the top line enter, example, 1777@servername, then select the box that says "wait for floating license" if things have gone well, your licenses should appear in the large box and youre all set. 
Hopefully some of this helps any first time user/setup folks. And, for more trouble shooting you can use the forums to help you after that. 

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Sounds good, thanks for sharing and hope everything is working well at your side. This thread will be transitioned to community support. If you have a new question, feel free to open a new thread to get the support from Intel experts. Otherwise, the community users will continue to help you on this thread. Thank you

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