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how to delete a part of the design using ECOs

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Hi all, I have a circuit design containing 2 parts, the first part can run on it own, while the second part gets some input from the first part and gives some outputs. 

Is there any way that after compiling, I can use ECOs mode to delete the second part so that I can have two netlists, one with the second part and one without the second part? 

Because I want to use side-channel to evaluate what the difference caused by the second part only. 

I tried incremental design technique but it didn't give the result I expected. The routing and placement of the first part in 2 designs (one with the second part, one without the second part) are still somewhat slightly different. 

I want to keep it exactly the same. 


Thank you so much for reading. 

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For ECO changes using Altera Quartus Chip planner & Resource property Editor refer the following link, 


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