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opencl in DE5NET board



I set up the OpenCL environment according to the DE5-NET OpenCL manual for Altera SDK OpenCL 16.0. My computer environment is shown as follows. 


OS: CentOS 6.5 X86_64 


Altera SDK: AOCL-; Quartus- 

I run the testing program provided by the DE5NET_openCL_BSP_16.0, some errors occur.  


(1) In the example hello_world, the flash memory can be programmed successfully by executing the command "aocl flash acl0 hello_world.aocx", but when I run the command "aocl program acl0 hello_world.aocx", system shows errors to load the shared library "" (please refer to the attached file screenshot1.png). I checked the library. It is on the directory DE5NET_openCL_BSP_16.0\linux64\lib, and I have already added the path on the .bashrc file. The .bashrc file is shown as follows. 

# altera 

export ALTERAOCLSDKROOT=/home/tan/altera/16.0/hld 

export QSYS_ROOTDIR=/home/tan/altera/16.0/quartus/sopc_builder/bin 

export AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT=/home/tan/altera/16.0/hld/board/DE5NET_openCL_bsp_16.0 

export QUARTUS_ROOTDIR_OVERRIDE=/home/tan/altera/16.0/quartus 

export QUARTUS_ROOTDIR=/home/tan/altera/16.0/quartus 

export QUARTUS_64BIT=1 

# opencl 

export PATH=/home/tan/altera/16.0/hld/bin:$PATH 

export PATH=/home/tan/altera/16.0/quartus/bin/quartus:$PATH 

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$AOCL_BOARD_PACKAGE_ROOT"/linux64/lib:"$ALTERAOCLSDKROOT"/host/linux64/lib 



(2) in the example vector_add, when I compile the OpenCL kernel by using the command "aoc device/ -o bin/vector_add.aocx --board de5net_a7", the error information is shown in the attached file screenshot2.png.  


I also tried the system on the CentOS 6.8, the errors are same. Please give me some suggestions how to solve it. 

Thanks a lot. 


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Honored Contributor I

Why are you programming the FPGA offline? The host code will automatically program the FPGA at runtime. 


You should probably remove the quotation marks from your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 


Also your screenshots are too small and cannot be read. 


Finally, you are using an old version of Quartus/AOC; always try to use the latest version compatible with your BSP, which in your case would be 16.1.2.