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osc_sim_setting definition

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maxv_ufm maxv_ufm_block1 














// synopsys translate_off 







// synopsys translate_on 


// synopsys translate_off 






// synopsys translate_on 



maxv_ufm_block1.address_width = 9, 

maxv_ufm_block1.osc_sim_setting = 500000, 

maxv_ufm_block1.lpm_type = "maxv_ufm"; 






This was taken from AN494 oscillator example. For parameter "osc_sim_setting", I cannot find exact definition except for a similarly spelled "OSC_FREQUENCY", which says 





Specifies the oscillator frequency for the user flash memory. Values are 180000 ps (5.56 MHz) or  

300000 ps (3.33 MHz). If omitted, the default is 180000 ps. The OSC_FREQUENCY setting controls the oscillator frequency during simulations and does not affect the device’s oscillator frequency, which can range from 3.33 MHz (300000 ps) to 5.56 MHz (180000 ps). 




which is for simulation only. 


1. Could you point to the exact definition of parameter?  

2. The oscillator frequency is a fixed intrinsic electrical property. Please confirm that non of (osc_sim_setting/ OSC_FREQUENCY) could change that. 



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