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quartus_cdb 17.1.0 crashes while generating vqm file

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Hi All, 


quartus_cdb crashes while generating vqm file. Please let me know if there is any solution 


I am synthesizing simple adder as follows 


module saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4 ( 





input [7:0] in2; 

input [7:0] in1; 

output [7:0] out1; 



assign out1 = in2 + in1; 



The tcl command is as follows: 

load_package flow 

load_package report 

load_package sdc 



set module "saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4" 

set num 2 

set family "StratixV" 



proc syn { module family verilogInput} { 

set proj [project_new -overwrite ./$module] 

set_global_assignment -name FAMILY $family 

set_global_assignment -name DEVICE Auto 

set_global_assignment -name VERILOG_FILE saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4.input.v 

set_instance_assignment -name VIRTUAL_PIN ON -to in* 

set_instance_assignment -name VIRTUAL_PIN ON -to out* 

set_instance_assignment -name PARTITION_HIERARCHY root_partition -to | -section_id Top 



execute_module -tool map 

execute_module -tool fit 

execute_module -tool cdb -args "--vqm=${module}.vqm" 



syn $module $family $module 




quartus_cdb crashes resulting with following info. 


Info: ******************************************************************* 

Info: Running Quartus Prime Compiler Database Interface 

Info: Version 17.1.0 Build 590 10/25/2017 

Info: Processing started: Fri May 11 02:20:43 2018 

Info: Command: quartus_cdb saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4 -c saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4 --vqm=saxo_light_Add_24Ux24U_24U_4.vqm 

Warning (18236): Number of processors has not been specified which may cause overloading on shared machines. Set the global assignment NUM_PARALLEL_PROCESSORS in your QSF to an appropriate value for best performance. 

Info (203002): Generated Verilog Quartus Mapping File using post-fit netlist 



*** Fatal Error: Segment Violation at (nil) 

Module: quartus_cdb 

Stack Trace: 

0xbbd90: DEV_DEVICE::get_pad_info() const (ddb_dev) 



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