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run synthesis/routing on a cloud server?

I am developing an educational FPGA board that runs on arduino. It is for classroom and hobbyist use. It would not be practical for each student to download and run the dev tools on their laptops. We have our own tool to output VHDL from simple schematics the student will input.  


We would like to develop a cloud solution that takes this VHDL as input and returns binary programming files for their FPGA. There would be no human interaction. They will not necessarily know the design tool exists. It would just return the binary file and/or error messages. There can't be any syntax errors since the VHDL is machine generated. 


This would in no way replace the normal design tool setup. No design interaction. Just VHDL in and binary out. I see from the license agreement states that each license is for only one seat. But this would be using the free version with no license. 


Am I allowed to do this? If not who may I talk to about allowing this on a special education basis? Surely it would be good for altera to have students exposed to altera first. 


Edit: This is cross-posted on Xilinx forum
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I would guess this is allowed, but you may want to talk to your local Altera-Dealer (Distributor) or Altera directly, they have a university-program [1]. 


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