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simulating PLL in Modelsim

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I have created a PLL megafunction in quartus II, and it created a vho file in Modelsim and even successfully opened up Modelsim from this environment. Here's the rub: I created a new project in Modelsim. I opened the vho file. I compiled all, which was successful. I created a new work library so that I can see the existing library, rtl_work ( I don't know any other way to open an existing library in Modelsim PE). I selected the compiled file and when I request "start simulation", I get a message that the Student version only supports 1 HDL. But I don't have any other Modelsim running. How do I successfully run Modelsim of one PLL? 

I am including the transcript if it may help you understand my problem. 

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I was able to access the Work view. However that still does not solve the problem. Modelsim is saying that this project requires multiple HDL. I have the Student version which allows only one HDL. I am not sure what I may be doing wrong. I am attaching the Modelsim transcript: 


# -- Compiling architecture RTL of pll2v1 

# End time: 12:35:31 on Nov 19,2015, Elapsed time: 0:00:00 

# Errors: 0, Warnings: 0 

vsim work.pll2v1 

# vsim  

# Start time: 12:35:40 on Nov 19,2015 

# Loading std.standard 

# Loading std.textio(body) 

# Loading ieee.std_logic_1164(body) 

# Loading altera_lnsim.altera_lnsim_components 

# Loading work.pll2v1(rtl) 

# PE Student Edition supports only a single HDL 

# ** Error: (vsim-3039) C:/altera_lite/Workbench/Altera/pll2/pll2v1_sim/pll2v1.vho(303): Instantiation of 'altera_pll' failed. 

# Time: 0 ns Iteration: 0 Instance: /pll2v1 File: C:/altera_lite/Workbench/Altera/pll2/pll2v1_sim/pll2v1.vho 

# Error loading design 


Thanks for your help
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Can you try with Modelsim Altera Starter edition which is free.

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I'm facing the same issue. Were you able to solve it?

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