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write_channel_Intel is not Supported

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Hi, everyone. 


Recently, I am trying to emulate fft1d example(downloaded from the altera opencl design example in altera official website). 

The version of Altera FPGA SDK for OpenCL is ver 16.1 and the version of visual studio is 2010 professional. 

However, the command prompt return me the following errors when i try to compile the kernel coder:  



--- Quote Start ---  

unknown OPENCL extension 'cl_intel_channels' - ignoring# pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_intel_channels : enable  


'write_channel_intel' is not supported by the Intel(R) FPGA SDK for OpenCL(TM), and no user definition is provided 

--- Quote End ---  



And, i found that the channel feature is supported since OpenCL SDK 16.0 by referring to the documentation: Altera SDK for OpenCL Best Practice Guide ver 16.0... 


Can anyone help on this? 


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The channel extension and all associated functions were renamed from "altera" to "intel" in Quartus v17.0. Hence, that example is only compatible with Quartus v17.0 and above. However, you might be able to get it to work on older versions by renaming everything from "intel" back to "altera".