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Bad bare metal getting started instructions



I'm trying to setup a simple bare metal project with FreeRTOS. But I have some issues regarding the compiler and HWlib.

I have followed the getting started guide ( and got a hello world example up and running. But when I want to use FreeRTOS I need to interface the hardware for example interrupt and timers. So I tried to compile HWlib with my hello world project, but I get the same error that I have seen others post about here (for example here

When I try to remove the parts where the missing definitions are used I get errors that my compiler can't find several libraries. Is there any documentation that I'm missing on how to use HWlib in a bare metal project? 

I have installed SOC EDS 20.1 with the bundled linaro gcc 7.5.0 compiler. 

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Hello Fredscar,

I have seen that you already installed the environment, so the next step that I recommend you to follow the next link [1]to the section "Arria 10 or Cyclone V bare metal Using SoC EDS"

There you can have the correct procedure to compile all the necessary libraries.


Best regards,

Isaac Vazquez.

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