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DS-5 correct paths, compiler settings to develop C app running under Linux


Hi to everyone! I'm develop (I wish..) a C app for HPS running under Linux (Cyclone5 SoC self-developed card)

  • I obtained a Angstrom 2018.06 running linux distro.
  • I use DS-5 starting from Hello word Linux example : Ok, it runs linking my target with remote session host debug!
  • Following Led example, I'm attempt to open a dev/mem to link my ONCHIP ram space, connected to Master Axi Bus
  • My difficult is: there is a bunch of libraries to include :
  • LINUX related (mman.h, fcntl, stdio etc) but under my distro in spl folder there are almost 5 of fcntl and so on!
  • MY QSYS-HPS related (hps_0.h, ..... )
  • Some standard for HPS (from ds5 folder/embedded/ip/...

Compiler question: depending of compiler , GCC complier fails with ordinary C code, selecting ARM-5 compiler, I have a bunch of error due to wrong references in my libraries: option 0_RDWR, O_SYNC are not resolved and so on.

My question: there is a clear tutorial to learn how DS-5 environment DS-5 must be set and which are the correct paths to include al needed libs to run in reliable mode? Code examples for Leds and so on are quit clear: I must create an access to virtual memory and open a file with appropriate base, span addresses to R/W my peripherals. But applyng these examples in DS-5 , it is very hard to understand which are correct libraries !!! Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Attached here there is my first attempt to do a onchip read operation..

similar to many examples.


Another issue: HPS C for linux examples shows includes related to target Linux file system (as dev/mem as so on). How I set DS-5 to compile these C sources in order to have correct libraries link? On my local PC I haven't the Linux file system, I have only my directory in which there is my Linaro Linux for arm distro... I think that main issue to solve it is!




Are you using the DS-5 that comes from the SoC EDS?


We have a GCC-Based BareMetal Project Management:


Is this similar to what you are looking for?